Week 9

This week we have been working on 3 different types of projectiles. The 3 types of projectiles are angle launchers, slingshot rocket and the final one is flipping frogs.

Slingshot rocket
On one of the activities we made slingshot rockets. We made them out of masking tape, paddle pop sticks, elastic bands paddle pop sticks, straws, paper clips, blue tack and cardboard. I found that it went a lot further when you flick your wrist as you fire it, because if you don’t flick your wrist it gets caught in the elastic band.

Angle launchers
So this week and the previous weeks,we have been testing a projectile launcher called the angle launcher. The angle launcher like in its name,it has to have an angle and there is a mini firing stick. The angle launcher go up to 90 degrees as it's max angle which practically means if you put it on 90 degrees it will go straight up. My group has been recording its best length. My group decided that we shouldn't count where it…

week 4 the Trebuchet (it's a catapult)

For week 4 we used the trebuchet to test its distance  and what would happen. It was really cool and If you put more and more weights it would fire much higher and go longer. There was a string that would make it fire if you pulled it . The forces that were active on it were a pull,flight and a push. Where i think i am on the rubric is relational.

Week 3 balloon rocket (again)

For week 3 we had to do the balloon rocket (again) but with fishing wire.
It worked really well and the balloon went all the way to the other side the first try. I think that the balloon went all the way to the other side because it had less friction.
The forces that were working on the balloon were a strong push and pull.  
Where I am on the rubric is on multistructural and it hasn't changed yet but I have made a goal and will try to get onto relational.

Week 2, balloon rocket!

For week 2 we did the balloon rocket with straws,string/wool and we expanded to try and use no straws. It went pretty good because we rolled up paper into a straw shape and then we used it and it worked! The forces that were on the balloon were a push and pull force.What I learned during that was that you don't need the same thing to do it. I am still on multistructural.

Week one. Slimming our principal

Slimming Mr Anderson and working with miss Smith on what would be good to use in the slime. It looked really slimy and one was super runny and the other was really slow because we put less water in it. How we made it was with cornflour,water and food colouring. I think where I am on the rubric is on multistructural.

The Onager vs Trebuchet : Week 8

Week 8 The Onager Vs Trebuchet This term our class is learning about the Trebuchet and the Onager’s similarities and differences.
Did you know both of the catapults are needed to be set up and can’t rapid fire? The trebuchet has a bigger arch to get its projectile higher and into the castles in the roman days. This is obvious, but both of the projectile's launch. I wonder if the Romans built the catapults as big as a playground.
Did you know that the trebuchet has slower velocity but it goes further while the onager has faster velocity but it goes a shorter distance. The onager also needs to be nailed down because it might swing forward and may hit someone with power. The trebuchet uses weights because the weights pull the throwing arm up and launch the projectile. I wonder if the onager was used in the old days as a castle infiltrator to help the attackers get inside and steal the loot.

Overall..I think that the trebuchet would be most useful in the olden days.

Inquiry project reflection

Inquiry reflection
IMovie about hamsters

Today Max and I completed our inquiry project about hamsters. Our project was an IMovie about hamster facts,how to keep your hamster safe and what kind of food to feed it. What we did for the hamster iMovie is that we searched up cute hamster photos and interesting facts. What we did in the movie is that we paired up the cute photos and the interesting facts together. I think Max and I are at relational because while making the movie, Max had many ideas and i did as well like pairing up the cute photo of a roborovskis hamster with a roborovskis fact. What I'm proud of is that I finished my project with no mistakes and really good producing. My next steps are to try and get up onto extended abstract and try my hardest to improve my writing.